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Dra. Kanchan Chauhan

Investigador Asociado C T.C.; PRIDE B;
Departamento Bionanotecnologia
Extensión 733
Resumen curricular:


 Dr. Kanchan graduated with a PhD in Chemistry (2016) from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences, Defence Research and Development Organization (INMAS-DRDO), New Delhi, India. 

Her doctoral work was based on the synthesis and bioevaluation of targeted radioimaging agents for early diagnosis of debilitative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, breast cancer and bone diseases through Positron Emission Tomography (PET), Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

She extended her knowledge towards the development of various proteins and metal based bionanomaterials for cancer theranosis during her postdoctoral stay (2016-2018) in CNyN-UNAM with Dr. Rafael Vazquez-Duhalt and developed the interest in biocatalysis for application in enzyme prodrug therapy. Her postdoctoral work based on application of P22 bacteriophage based biocatalytic nanoreactors in combinatory therapy was recognized for Innovation in Bionanotechnology by CINVESTAV and Neolpharma, Mexico in 2018.

She started to work as an Investigator in CNyN-UNAM from November 2018. Since more than 10 years, she is working in the multidisciplinary projects requiring an amalgamation of chemistry as well as biology.

Her current projects are based on:

1. Design and synthesis of new targeting ligands and biofunctionalization

2. Development of nanomedicines with high therapeutic value and minimum immunological response

3. Development of smart nanomaterial for on command delivery of therapeutic cargo, and multimodality nanoplatforms.

4. Development of biocatalytic nanoreactors as stable and versatile nanocatalysts.

Keywords: Organic Chemistry; Synthesis of targeting ligands and biofunctionalization; Targeted delivery; Nanomedicine; Biocatalytic nanoreactors



Camouflaged, activatable and therapeutic tandem bionanoreactors for breast cancer theranosis



Multifunctionalized biocatalytic P22 nanoreactor for combinatory treatment of ER+ breast cancer

Synergy between photodynamic and enzyme prodrug therapy was achieved at a common platform based on P22 bacteriophage leading to enhanced cytotoxicity against ER+ breast tumor cells.




Member of Council of the Physical Materials / Nanosciences Postgraduate Program (CPP) 2020



Innovation award in Bionano Science and Technology, Neolpharma-CINVESTAV 2018

Travel award from 16th international nanomedicine and drug delivery symposium, NANODDS, Portland, US 2018

Post-doctorate fellowship, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), Mexico 2017

CSIR-Senior research fellowship, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Delhi, India 2015

International travel grant for young scientists, Department of Science & Technology (DST), Delhi, India 2014

Certified in radiation safety aspects in research applications of ionizing radiations, Radiological Physics & Advisory Division, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), Mumbai 2013

Qualified national eligibility test for lectureship, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Delhi, India 2011

DRDO-Research fellowship, Defence Research and Development Organization, Delhi, India 2011-2015



In process:

  1. L.C. Laura Karina Escalante, Master’s in Science in Nanosciences, CICESE y UNAM

-Social Service

 1. Andrea Dorado Baeza, Bachelor’s in Nanotechnology, UNAM.



  1. Maria Fernanda Espinosa Villalpando (2021), Advances in the design of therapeutic bionanoreactors for cancer treatment: A brief review. Thesis of Bachelor’s in Nanotechnology, UNAM (Director)
  2. Astrid Rebeca Luna Rios (2021), Smart bi-enzymatic nanoreactors for biomedical applications. Thesis of Bachelor’s in Nanotechnology Engineering, Universidad Tecnológica Emiliano Zapata-CNyN-UNAM (Director)
  3. Daniel de Jesus Pliego Sosa (2020). Design and characterization of multimodality P22 bacteriophage for combinatory therapy of breast cancer. Thesis of Bachelor’s in Nanotechnology Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. (Director)
  1. Cindy Nayely Olivares Medina (2020). Nanobioreactors with β-glucocerebrosidase activity for the treatment of Gaucher disease. Master’s in Science in Nanosciences, CICESE y UNAM (Co-director)

- Others

1.    Mentor of Kiichi Alatriste Trejo in summer research program, Program of National School of Nanosciences, July 2019

 2. Mentor of Daniel Cambero in summer research program, Program of Youth for Research July 2019



“Química-de-materiales” Programa de posgrado Nanociencias, UNAM y CICESE (2020)

Protein chemistry in the course “Termodinámica de proteínas” with Dr. Rafael Vazquez-Duhalt in Licenciatura en Nanotecnología, Licenciatura en Nanotecnología Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México Ensenada, Baja California (2019-till date)

Characterization of biomaterials in the course “Nanomateriales II caracterizacion” with Dra. Gabriela Guzman Navarro in Licenciatura en Nanotecnología, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México Ensenada, Baja California (2019-till date)

“Role of physicochemical properties on nanoparticle toxicity in biological systems” in summer research program Escuela Nacional de Nanociencias, CNyN-UNAM, 2019



1.     Smart bi-enzymatic nanoreactors for breast cancer therapy.

        Principal Investigator


January 2020-October 2021



2.     Virus capsids as therapeutic nanofactories for breast cancer

Principal Investigator

CONACYT Ciencia Frontera: (CF-MI-2019-6357)

November 2020 – October 2022



3.     Towards an innovative treatment for diseases associated with mitochondrial dysfunction: novel

estrogens for promoting mitochondrial function.


CONACYT Ciencia Frontera: (CF-MG-2019-6391)


Publicaciones relevantes:

Available on Researcher unique identifier(s):

Scopus Author ID:             27067511000


Google Scholar:


14. Chauhan, K.; Zárate-Romero, A.; Sengar, P; Medrano, C.; Vazquez-Duhalt, R. Catalytic Kinetics Considerations and Molecular Tools for the Design of Multienzymatic Cascade Nanoreactors. ChemCatChem 2021,13, 3732–3748. IF: 5.68


13.         Chauhan, K.; Mann, G.; Jaswal, A.P.; Ojha, H.; Mishra, A.K.; Datta, A. 68Ga-Labeled Bismacrocyclic Methylene Phosphonate as Potential Bone Seeking PET Radiopharmaceutical. Bioorg Chem, 2020, DOI: IF: 5.27

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8.         Sengar, P.; Garcia-Tapia, K., Chauhan, K; Jain, A., Juarez-Moreno, K., Borbon-Nunez, H.A.; Tiznado, H., Contreras, O.E., Hirata, G.A., Dual-photosensitizer coupled nanoscintillator capable of producing type I and type II ROS for next generation photodynamic therapy. J. Colloid Interface Sci. 2019, 536, 586-597. IF: 8.12

-Book chapters

  1. González-Davis, O.; Chauhan, K.; Vazquez-Duhalt, R., Biocatalytic nanoreactors for medical purposes. Pharmaceutical Biocatalysis: Fundamentals, Enzyme Inhibitors, and Enzymes in Health and Diseases. 2019, Vol. 4, 637-672.


7.         Chauhan, K.; Hernandez-Meza, J. M.; Juarez-Mureno, K.; Sengar, P.; Vazquez-Duhalt, R., Multifunctionalized biocatalytic P22 nanoreactor for combinatory treatment of ER+ breast cancer. J. Nanobiotechnol. 2018, 16:17. IF: 10.43

6.         Sengar, P.; Juárez, P; Arellano, D.L.; Jain, A.; Chauhan, K.; Hirata, G.A.; Fournier, P.G.J.,   Development of a functionalized UV-emitting nanoscintillator for X-ray mediated photodynamic therapy of cancer. J. Nanobiotechnol. 2018, 16:19. IF: 10.43

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