The main services offered at UNaFab are:

  1. Training courses in basic device manufacturing processes.
  2. Provide technical advice and guidance on device manufacturing based on photolithography processes. This service is offered to postgraduate students and interested researchers. This service has no cost.
  3. Manufacturing of masks for photolithography processes. The cost will depend on the desired resolution, ranging between $ 350 and $ 700 USD. The delivery time will be 3 weeks, counted from the entry of the purchase order.
  4. Transfer of micrometric patterns by means of photomasks to materials that can be etched with plasma or by some type of acid. The approximate price is $ 50 USD. The delivery time will be 1 week from the entry of the purchase order.
  5. Manufacturing of micro-devices (prototypes) for electronics, optoelectronics and / or integrated optics. The price and response time will be evaluated at the request time.

If you are not affiliated to CNyN and require a service, you will have to contact M.I. Raúl Tafolla at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.